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Kundalini Yoga

My Journey into Kundalini yoga...

Being a Pilates teacher and Spinal Touch practitioner I have always been interested in the spine and ways to improve the health and alignment of the body.  In February 2009 I ordered my first Kundalini Yoga DVD as it contained the Yoga set called the 5 Tibetan Rites also known as the "Fountain of Youth" which is a set which if done daily is supposed to keep you strong, vital and balanced in the body and the chakras - energetic centres of the body.

This was the beginning of my fascination and appreciation of Kundalinin Yoga.  I practise Pilates regularly and have a deep appreciation of the Pilates system but I have found that Kundalini Yoga has helped me balance myself in ways that Pilates does not.  The physical exercises specific sets - Kriyas are exercises with an aim - for example to work on individual systems within the body such as glands, organs or chakras are a great way to work with specific aims.  The use of mudras - hand positions, mantras - meditative chants based on sound vibration and its ability to heal and enlighten.

I now have a vast library of DVD's and my interest led me to first consider training in 2014.  As my children were (and are still) quite young I didn't actually start training until 2018.

In September 2018 I started training in Kundalini Yoga with the Sahej Academy.  I will complete my training in May next year and after I have finished all the required elements to the desired standard I will become a level 1 Teacher in Kundalini Yoga and registered with the KRI. As part of my training I am able to offer Kundalini Yoga classes and 121 sessions at a reduced rate so if you are interested in trying Kundalini Yoga please contact me for more information.